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  • Thank you! Special Education Conference Success
  • Did you know about the Trees Scholarship?  
  • Supporting Students With Intensive Needs 
  • Resources for Educators and Families 

Special Education Conference Success!

Though we weren't able to come together physically, on Monday, October 12, more than 200 educators from across Pennsylvania gathered on-line to participate in RMU's inaugural special education conference, presented by the Education Department and the department's Trees Network. Sessions included presentations on engaging parents and students virtually, trauma informed care, equity in special education and much more. Participating educators were able to earn continuing education credit. Save the date for our next conference, Monday, October 11, 2021! 

Trees Scholarship Students  

Did you know the Trees Network provides scholarships to first-year students studying special education at Robert Morris University? Trees scholarship students provide services to families and participate in experiential learning opportunities. 

This semester's students have worked with assistive technology, creating visual schedules and communication boards for local students, helped produce the first annual Trees Network special education conference and so much more!

The RMU Trees Network Student Scholarship is a highly competitive $5,000/year scholarship available to full-time freshmen students pursuing special education teacher certification. Scholars will dedicate 10 hours a week per semester to the Trees Network.

This scholarship is renewable for up to four years provided the student maintains a 3.25 GPA, maintains full-time status, and demonstrates satisfactory performance to the RMU Trees Network.

Interested applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • achieved a high school cumulative GPA greater than 3.50
  • demonstrate a strong desire to work with students with intellectual disabilities and their families
  • been accepted to RMU and placed a deposit
  • not a recipient of any other half or full scholarship (i.e. honors, WLMP, or athletic)

Applications are due by February 15th. For information on the Trees Scholarship or other education programs, contact Dr. Vicki Donne. 

Supporting Students With Intensive Needs 

During Spring 2020, educators quickly adapted to providing interventions and collecting data virtually despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents were critical partners in supporting opportunities for students with intensive needs to practice and receive feedback and sharing what was working and when changes are needed. During Fall 2020, educators are providing virtual, in-person, and hybrid intervention with an ongoing need to engage with and support parents and families. While the context and environment may have changed, the focus on providing high-quality interventions with validated practices, monitoring student progress, and adapting and intensifying supports based on student data continues to be applicable across virtual, in-person, or hybrid models.

Click on the header to find resources from the National Center for Intensive Intervention organized by topic area. Many of these resources were developed by educators participating in a community of practice in spring 2020. They include example lessons, implementation videos, tip sheets, and data collection strategies.  ​

Robert Morris University salutes our veterans. For ADA-related information relevant to those who have served, click here. 

Resources for Educators & Families 


OSEP Guidance for Early Intervention 
RMU Trees Network Resource Database
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PAttan: Family Resources for Complex Learners
Protecting Student Privacy and Advancing Digital Equity

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